Monday, April 26, 2010

Mighty Mouse Movie

Mighty Mouse MovieDo you remember the Mighty Mouse? The animated superhero mouse character was created in 1942 by the Terrytoons studio. One may recognize the Mighty Mouse thanks his yellow costume with a red cape. Well looks like this crime-fighting supermouse cartoon character is going to be brought into the "real world" thanks to CGI. Heard that Paramount is indeed intending to produce a Mighty Mouse movie. It will most likely be a hybrid CGI and live action (like Alvin and the Chipmunks), but an all-CGI animated movie isn't excluded yet.

Here's the theme song of the original mighty Mouse animated series:


If Paramount really wants to go ahead with the project, the script of the Mighty Mouse would definitely need a new modern spin though... But if they do it right, I think that the Mighty Mouse, with its broad and family-oriented appeal, could conquer the box office.

Paramount is currently looking for a director and a scriptwriter. So more details about the Mighty Mouse movie should surface online soon.